Strategic Foundations

The NBFIRA Management established a shared understanding of the Vision, Mission and Values as the strategic foundations that give direction and define the business of the Authority.
  • Vision
    The NBFIRA Vision is to; To be an efficient and effective regulatory and supervisory Authority in line with international best practice.
  • Mission
    The NBFIRA mission is; To regulate and supervise non-bank financial institutions for the purpose of contributing towards financial stability.
  • Values
    We will in all our dealings with stakeholders uphold the following values:
    • Integrity – we adhere to the highest ethical standards.
    • Transparency – we are open and frank in our operations.
    • Fairness – we consistently promote equal treatment in dealings with all stakeholders.
    • Accountability – we are responsible to our stakeholders.
    • Diligence – we are thorough and persistent in the execution of our duties.